Training and Policy

One of KenJiva’s fundamental principles is that we partner for Promise and Purpose. We believe in the promise of a clean environment and in doing well by doing good. To this end, training is not only a source of revenue for KenJiva, but an essential investment for our employees and partners. The energy landscape changes quickly, compounded by climate change, technology advancement and election results. In order to provide our clients with the best tools, technology and talent, we have learned to prioritize on-going, up-to-date training.

It’s also clear that even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence, we still need to be vigilant and proactive in our approach to the rules, regulations and policies that effect the energy landscape. KenJiva is an active participant in the process for policy making in the areas where we practice. We’ve partnered with like minded organizations who lobby and litigate for equitable policies and forward thinking standards. Since driving Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and the Infrastructure that makes a Smart Grid are the DNA of Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS), we partner to fulfil that purpose.