Smart Grid Services

What is the “Smart Grid”?   We’ve heard of the “smart” meters that are coming to our neighborhoods, but beyond that, the term doesn’t mean much to most of us.   In common terms, this “smart” grid is the utility industry’s upgrade of it’s aging infrastructure.  It is also an opportunity.

As we replace our old coal plants with solar and wind energy, the old infrastructure of the grid has a hard time keeping up.  With wind and solar the energy is created intermittently, and that makes an old, inflexible grid difficult to optimize for Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO’s) and Utilities.  But our climate is changing, sometimes radically and unpredictably, and we need to add more solar and more wind to combat the change.

As everyday residential and small commercial consumers we don’t see much of this “optimization” that is happening behind the scenes.  We only see the effects through a “black out” or in the added costs on our bills.  The reality is that the grid and the environment needs us everyday consumers to get into the game. We at KenJiva believe that consumers want to join in, but only if it is easy, has a direct positive effect on cash flow and  meets our sense of environmental stewardship.  That’s why we are developing the PayMeGreen™ service.  The end result is a win for the Regional Transmission Organizations,  the Utilities and for the consumer.  Stay tuned!

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