Service & Technology Partners

KenJiva brings world class expertise to real world challenges for residential and small com- mercial consumers of energy. We’ve searched throughout the regions in which we serve to find the right combination of tools, technology and talent to make sustainability a reality for our clients. Each firm we partner with brings a complementary or supplementary set of skills to our projects, and we are equally comfortable leading engagements or acting as a trusted advisor or subcontractor according to scale and opportunity.

We’ve learned several valuable lessons in our time in the industry, not the least of which is that expertise is earned, not learned, and we value real world experience above all else in a partnership. That is not to say that we aren’t constantly on the look out for a better tech- nology, or a more efficient way to solve a client’s problem. In reality we invest heavily in emerging standards development, and in being at the table when the energy landscape evolves to the next iteration. Our partners, like our clients, come in all sizes. But one thing is common between us and all our partners. We are singularly focused on providing the highest level of service for every client, every time.