Residential and Small Commercial HVAC Contractors

KenJiva is looking for licensed, bonded and insured firms who are relentlessly focused on quality, and that have experience in providing services for ENERGY STAR certified homes. This level of service quality is required for all of our residential and small commercial GreenFitting™ customers.  For a home to be ENERGY STAR certified, several key design tasks must be completed by an HVAC designer, including  designing a whole-house ventilation system, calculating room-by-room heating and cooling loads, selecting heating and cooling equipment using those loads, and designing a duct system for the selected equipment.  Our customer expect and we require that all new installations:

*   Install ENERGY STAR qualified equipment
*   Ensure proper sizing using Manual J
*   Provide matching indoor and outdoor units
*   Verify a minimum level of duct tightness
*   Check for properly charged refrigerant
*   Verify that system airflow is within acceptable parameters

NATE and / or BPI certification is required for all foremen, and we expect at least on other crew member to have these certifications.  A minimum of 5 reference installs are required for consideration, and all references will be professionally checked. For more information on our service pricing list and on boarding process call 1-866-KENJIVA ( 596-5482)  - KenJiva Energy Systems .

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