KenJiva talks Smart Meter Data

Earlier this week I was interviewed by WGN reporter Lourdes Duarte about our company and its role in the war over 3rd party data access from smart meters. She reached out to us because of an interview I did back in September of 2014 for the Chicago Tribune. You can read here : ComEd Closely Guarding Smart Meter Data.

The angle for the story was clearly that smart meter data is and should be a closely guarded resource ( which of course we agree), but it didn’t really touch on the benefit of allowing third party access, nor did they play the part of the interview where we described the PayMeGreen™ service.

Although we didn’t get more than a couple of snippets from the 30 minute interview, the gist was that getting access to customer meter data is a critical path element to the PayMeGreen™ service. Access to the usage or, more importantly, the curtailment data from the residential or small commercial consumer’s smart meter allows the service to be able to bid the aggregate into the power market. If we can’t get access to the data, we can’t prove that our aggregation worked when and /or where it was needed for grid stability and consumer payout. Check it out….

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