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  • all basic eco friendly options

    Our SUSTAINABLE CITIZEN services bundle begins with all the services and options of the ECO FRIENDLY bundle at a heavily discounted rate ... more

  • home Efficiency Upgrades

    You can overcome the basic obstacles to your home’s energy efficiency through Air Sealing, Insulation and upgrading your Heating,Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.. more

  • Home Energy Performance Financing

    Our Energy Performance Professionals (EPP’s) work behind the scenes to leverage all available financing options (grants, loans, leases, PACE, etc.) to make GreenFitting affordable and painless ... more

  • Home Energy Management System

    KenJiva’s HEMS platform gives clients remote access/control over their energy use in real time. In addition, our architecture provides the gateway to “prosumer” power market participation ... more

  • Efficiency program Prerequisites Evaluation (LEED™, Energystar®, egc, hud)

    KenJiva’s core competencies include modeling and M&V services for Energy Star, LEED, IECC, Enterprise Green Communities and HUD properties. We can help in your decision process, before you invest... more

  • thermal shades

    The U.S. Dept. of Energy reports that windows typically account for 25% of annual heating and cooling costs in homes and can be responsible for as much as 40%..... more

  • Preventative Maintenance Subscription Service

    Our preventative maintenance package is a fixed cost monthly service for the operations and maintenance of your property. From furnace tuneups to gutter and dryer vent cleanouts we help you extend... more

  • Appliance Upgrades

    Upgrading the energy efficiency of major appliances like refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, W&D’s and Water heaters can have a significant effect on your energy and sustainability goals ... more

  • Green Power Purchase Program

    Supplier choice in our energy supply gives us the opportunity to invest directly in clean renewable energy while keeping the familiarity and security of our existing utility company ... more

Services Impact

  • img

    target Energy Savings :

    19659.2 Kwh

  • img

    target CO2 Reduction :

    10305.5 Lb's

  • img

    target Utility Bill Reduction :

    52 %



... a couple of our many happy GreenFitting™ customers

We make a pretty good living between my wife and I, but we knew we could do more for the environment and save money during our crazy Chicago weather. KenJiva made it simple to pick was was right for us.. img

D. Brown


I had done my research, so I knew the hoops I was going to have to jump through to get to this place in my sustainability goals. I was ready, but KenJiva’s GreenFitting™ team did all the hard stuff.. img

P. Archeta