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  • all sustainable citizen options

    Our PLANET SAVER services bundle begins where our SUSTAINABLE CITIZEN bundle leaves off, including all the appropriate optional services available. We tailor our offerings for your property ... more

  • Solar Energy System

    Based on your Solar Site Assessment, we will design, deploy and monitor your solar energy system. We includeall financing options like rebates, grants, incentives and loans available ... more

  • Project Management for efficiency programs (LEED™, ENERGYSTAR®, EGC, HUD)

    Based on your prerequisistes evaluation our team will lead you to the highest “green” designation available for your property. From Charrette to M&V we’re your trusted energy advisor .. ... more

  • Paymegreen™ aggregated demand response program

    COMING SOON..Our most exciting future service is focused on a triple benefit for residential consumers. You get paid by KenJiva, your Utility and your local retailers to help maintain the “smart grid”.... more

  • electric vehicle charging station

    COMING SOON..The EV is here to stay. KenJiva’s team provides design, infrastructure and deployment solutions for your home, apartment or small business to ease you into the EV age... more

  • Community Solar

    COMING SOON ... As a rate payer you’ve put in to support solar, so shouldn’t you be able to get the benefit even though you have a shaded roof, or are a renter? Our Community Solar options expand ... more

  • Storm Water Solutions

    COMING SOON... Urban flooding is a real problem that needs forward thinking and pointed solutions. KenJiva’s storm water solutions bring incentives and current tech to battle the rising tide ... more

Services Impact

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    target Energy Savings :

    29488.8 Kwh

  • img

    target CO2 Reduction :

    15458.3 Lb's

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    target Utility Bill Reduction :

    78 %



... a couple of our many happy GreenFitting™ customers

The extended KenJiva team exceed my expectations. My EPP was knowledgeable, patient and had excellent follow through. He managed the process from the begining and I never once had to ask what was going on. img

T. Sugarman


I bought a three flat to gut rehab in Pilsen in 2011. After spending, literally, a year and a half trying to line up incentives and contractors, I ran across KenJiva. Within weeks we had a plan, a budget I could work with and a team of experts. img

M. Stewart