KenJiva and the Green the Church National Summit

I had the pleasure of attending the GREEN THE CHURCH NATIONAL SUMMIT hosted by  Trinity United Church of Christ  on the south side of Chicago a couple of weeks ago. The summit was the second in a series of planned events spearheaded by the national Environmental Stewardship non profit Green For All, founded by ex White House appointee Van Jones. The collaboration was launched in Chicago with the help of Chicago’s Faith in Place and Trinity United Church of Christ. The conference included three days of worship, lectures and discussions designed to engage churches in the issues of environmental stewardship and our new energy economy. I volunteered to lead a group of Church leaders in an abbreviated version of a USGBC KickSTART event during the second day of the summit.

The fundamental goal was to engage the leaders in conversations and potential actions around combating climate change locally, through their various Church ministries and committees. The session was a 2 hour workshop that was a hybrid between an introduction presentation (10 Things You Can Do Right Now) and an interactive workshop called KickSTART. Some of the attendees were seeking basic information and “green” concepts were new to them. Others were at a very high level of sophistication, as they had begun to deploy projects and were looking to get more advance ideas and / or assistance. The workshop was an attempt to meet in the middle – a bit of education, a bit of action.

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