News from the Clean Tech Open 2011

News from TRIO

The Technology Resource Incubator Outreach (TRIO) Symposium is a new statewide initiative by the members of the Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council (ETCC) designed to accelerate market introduction of energy efficient products and services by providing information, training, and access to energy utility resources. TRIO’s goal is to promote early stage innovations that will contribute to […]

The ISGI has morphed into the Illinois Statewide Smart Grid Collaborative

The ISGI was coordinated by the Center for Neighborhood Technology with the support of the Galvin Project, Inc., and held four meetings between June and October 2008. The final report out from the initiative can be found HERE. During the course of the ISGI’s meetings, the Illinois Commerce Commission ordered the initiation of a workshop […]

Illinois Smart Grid Initiative (ISGI)

ƒLast month KenJiva was invited to join a group of individuals and organizations interested in refocusing the reinvention of Illinois’ public power system on consumers. This assembly is being represented as the Illinois Smart Grid Initiative (ISGI).  Leading the organization of this effort are the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT),  the Galvin Electricity Initiative and […]

KenJiva and the AABE 2008 Entrepreneur’s Forum

We are Live from Houston Texas! The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE®) celebrates 3+ decades as an advocate for minority involvement in energy issues, policies and technologies at its National Conference in Houston,Texas.  “Advancing the Understanding of Energy … from local to global”  was the theme of the 4-day event. The 31st annual […]

KenJiva is Live and on the Air!

We launched officially in April 2008! When I give people my card, they invariably tend to ask, ” What does KenJiva mean?” Ken is the Latin word for Knowledge or Information, and Jiva is an Indian word for Power or Soul…..Knowledge is Power! KenJiva has two fundamental goals: 1. To be the #1 Service Provider […]