KenJiva and BOMA/Chicago

As part of our affiliation with the Smart Grid Cluster, we were invited to an Idea Swap with Energy Foundry, BOMA Chicago, and the Environmental Defense Fund. It was a no holds-barred discussion between owners, managers, and entrepreneurs in the building efficiency and innovation community. The panelists spoke candidly about their willingness to engage, and […]

KenJiva and the Green the Church National Summit

I had the pleasure of attending the GREEN THE CHURCH NATIONAL SUMMIT hosted by on the south side of Chicago a couple of weeks ago. The summit was the second in a series of planned events spearheaded by the national Environmental Stewardship non profit Green For All, founded by ex White House appointee Van Jones. […]

KenJiva becomes DCEO Energy Efficiency Trade Ally

KenJiva becomes accredited in Construction Waste Recycling

  As the trend continues nationwide in sustainable building, we see an opportunity to provide necessary services to owners and developers. Our accreditation in construction waste recycling allows the KenJiva team to develop, manage, monitor, document and promote a successful recycling program for construction and demolition debris. Our team has received a three year Accreditation […]

KenJiva signs Channel Partner agreement with World Energy

Meet the Team!

KenJiva volunteers for Habitat for Humanity Wx

KenJiva signs Partner Agreement with Velux Solar

KenJiva Hosts UWI Board for Field Day

KenJiva wins multi-site CRA contract

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