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Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS)

Weatherization. Solar Energy. Green Building. Demand Response. Distributed Generation. Deregulation. Smart Grid. We’ve all been introduced to these 21st century terms. We’ve heard them on the news and read about them in print or online media. They’ve even been introduced within our political discourse through stump speeches, debates and legislation.

What hasn’t been conveyed to us is that all of these terms represent critical elements of our new Energy focused economy. While it is true that these elements are often times complex and seemingly disparate, in reality they are actively interconnected and have ongoing and direct effects on all Residential, Commercial and Municipal consumers of energy.

KenJiva was founded in 2008 to simplify the inter-connectivity of these elements and provide value for our clients through Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS). We take a direct approach to eliminating the complexity of deploying, managing and understanding the fundamentals of our new Energy focused economy for each client.

Our sole purpose is to guide our clients incrementally, from waste and inefficiency to profit and sustainability. To this end, we serve as Service Provider, System Integrator and / or Trusted Advisor to home owners, facility managers, architects, developers and program managers.  Our in house team and partner ecosystem is defined by vision, expertise and experience and is singularly focused on customer satisfaction.